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The Touch Of Nobility

Staying in touch with your mind, body and soul - the beginning of a healthy lifestyle


Reiki is a subtle energy therapy that can facilitate relaxation and healing. The therapist uses spiritually guided energy to stimulate the body's healing processes and restore physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Reiki can provide pain relief as well as emotional release, and can improve the overall sense of balance. Since it is an energetic therapy, it can impact any illness or malady and give the body what it needs in the healing process.

Receivers can have a variety of experiences while receiving Reiki. Many people experience relaxation and leave the session feeling calmer and more grounded. Some people may feel different physical sensations or a warmth traveling through the body, or have an emotional response - for others, the changes may be more subtle and are only observed in the days following a session. This modality can also be incorporated into a massage or reflexology session to enhance the experience.

To schedule a session with Nikki Marshall, LMT of Grounded Soul Therapies, book online or call/text 603-440-1142.

30 Minutes $35

60 Minutes $65